Teeth Whitening

At my dental hygiene clinic, I offer the Wicked White whitening products to provide my patients with immediate whiter results. This is an “in-office” treatment.

This treatment consists of applying 3-4 applications of the whitening solution to the teeth and then activating the solution with an LED light. The process takes about one hour and a half. You leave the office with a brighter and whiter SMILE! Check out Wicked White

A thorough teeth examination needs to be done before doing any teeth whitening treatment.

It’s your time to SHINE!

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Tooth Whitening

My take home “custom fit trays” whitening treatment is the Pola Night Advanced Whitening Treatment. You do this treatment over the course of approximately 10-14 days in the comfort of your home. The wearing time is between 30-45 minutes per day. This is also a great way to brighten your smile!